the challenges we face.

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Nursing Home & Assisted Living
Facility Services
    Why SharCare?
    SharCare is the only Indiana consulting firm owned and operated by a former state surveyor, Sharon Kennell. This enables us to share our inside knowledge of compliance requirements with our clients, giving them an edge when it comes to preparing for state surveys.
Risk Management Services
    Why SharCare?
    As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and Registered Nurse, owner Sharon Kennell provides a unique combination of specialized expertise. This gives her the insight to accurately assess litigation risks and the clinical expertise to develop the appropriate programs and systems to lower them.
Family Consultation Services
    Why SharCare?
    CO-owner Diana Elton, has a background of working with older adults in multiple capacities for two decades. Sharon Kennell also has two decades of experience in developing quality care systems for older adults nationally. Our extensive background and expertise in this area uniquely qualifies SharCare to provide clinical assessments of seniors, identify care options, and provide professional help and guidance in assessing care alternatives.
 Legal Services
    Why SharCare?
    Our screening of cases saves valuable time through early detection of nonmeritorius cases. Our fees are lower than most physician fees. And the unique combination of specialized expertise that give the insight to help interpret clinical records, state and federal requirements, and accepted standards of nursing care.