SharCare assists attorneys requiring expert input for medically-related cases or cases involving long term care health law. We have reviewed hundreds of medical records, and our case summary reports are professionally prepared to meet your individual needs.

Legal Nurse Consultation Services:

  • Case screening or investigation for merit
  • Define the applicable Standards of Care
  • Identification of deviations from / adherence to the Standard of Care
  • Assessment of the alleged damages
  • Interpretation and summary of medical records
  • Identification of potential defendants
  • Identify and review relevant medical records policies and procedures, and other essential documents
  • Conduct medical library and literature research
  • Analyze validity and reliability of research studies relied on by all parties
  • Provide written reports for attorneys to utilize as study tools

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Why SharCare?

Our services include case study reviews and expert witness services to screen and/or build cases for law firms. Our screening of cases saaves valuable time trough early detection of nonmeritorious cases.

Trial Preparation Services:

  • Interview plaintiff/defense clients, key witnesses,
    and experts
  • Identify types of testifying experts needed
  • Locate and interface with expert witnesses
  • Assist with interrogatory and exhibit preparation
  • Review, analyze, and summarize depositions
  • Assist with trial preparation of witnesses and testifying experts
  • Provide written reports for attorneys to utilize as study tools
  • Coordinate and attend independent medical reviews